About Me

My second Halloween!

I am from Georgia, born and raised in the general metro Atlanta area. When I was born we lived in Snellville. I grew up in Stone Mountain and in Decatur, where my grandparents lived and where I stayed overnight once a week. I attended Smoke Rise Elementary and Tucker High School.

My first job was at Stone Mountain Park, at a small zoo. I gained most of my experience working with animals of all types there, and I think it helped me tremendously not only with caring for my own animals, but in having no fear of digging in, getting my hands dirty and getting done what needs to be done when everyone else is shrieking and screaming. (example: getting a snake out of the house)

Me with King Henry VIII

At Georgia State University I was a terrible student and barely squeaked through. I wanted to draw and build and perform and I could not get it together to study. I know my family wanted me to go into the medical field but it was obvious I would have stunk at it. I still feel badly for letting them down in so many ways.

During and after college, I worked at two art supply stores. One of these was Dekalb Art Supply, where I met many wonderful friends and had the kindest employer of my lifetime. Having a great discount on supplies  also meant I could try out many materials, and I always seemed to come back to colored pencils.

After college, I finally got my first animation job, at Stone Mountain Productions, helping to create the laser show at Stone Mountain Park. There I met Steve, and we went on to several animation jobs together after that before I dropped out of the field. I have since worked at a haunted house,had my own small puppetry company, and done art therapy for seniors, but my first love will always be being at my desk, drawing my characters and making people laugh.

Being a puppeteer at Netherworld Haunted House was a highlight of my puppetry career, but grueling and painful! Here I am with my charge for my first year, Mega Mouth.

Steve and I married in 2000, and although being in the art field has meant many ups and downs for us, we have stayed a strong team and our house is always filled with humor, love, and cats(we do rescue)!

I’ll always be a huge fan of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and being a fan now, in this day and age has brought me many friends that I cherish. The guys have also inspired me in my art in many ways, as you can see by my cartoons.

Steve and me, Oct 2018

I am 47 now at the time of this writing. I have often heard about people who had successes late in life, after many tries and failures and false starts. I sincerely hope that this AMCBF cartoon, which I feel very confident about in its charm and uniqueness, may at last be what I can call an accomplishment.

Thanks for reading!