The Thirty Day Original Character Art Challenge, Nov. 2018

This is the first original character challenge I’ve ever done, and I think I may tailor all future ones to include the AMCBF Boys.
There were all posted on Instagram, but I wanted to collect them all easily in one spot, too.
I forgot where I found this someplace. When I have done them before, I reserve a special sketchbook for each one. But I wrote out all the prompts instead of printing out the list and pasting it in the front of the sketchbook like I usually do.

But here is my first one, featuring Cam in his Art Challenge Debut!(most of the images still have the old DC Dragons name on them)

DC Dragons: “Quickies”

The regular cartoon I called “DC Dragons” has now evolved into its own entity with a new name: ” All My Children Breathe Fire”, and has its own category. I will still draw my annual Dragon Con cartoons and put them here, however.

Here are some of my “Quickies” cartoons—just small sketches and doodles for fun—before the name change.