Halloween Countdown 2019: Thoughts on The Headless Horseman in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

One of my favorite things is The Headless Horseman. And the version of the Horseman in Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad is, in my opinion, the most iconic representation of all.

My husband Steve and I were having a conversation this morning(which I started) about the head that the Horseman is holding when he makes his first terrifying appearance in the film.

This first pic is when we first see The Headless Horseman.Whose little head is he holding?? His? One he chopped??? WHY IS IT GLITTERING?
Correction for me, though, is he does have his sword. I thought that had appeared magically too.
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Second pic, later in the chase. He doesn’t have the head.

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Third pic, right at the end of the chase. Now he has the pumpkin! Where did he get it?

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All pics: He is able to ride his horse with it rearing constantly and it knowing what he wants it to do(chase Ichabod on Gunpowder) with no saddle or bridle (although it is totally possible to control a horse with no bridle, all the rearing would make one fall off I would think.)


So then the discussion revolved around; was this Brom Bones playing a prank again, OR, was it indeed the headless specter of whom travelers are warned??

Conclusion: If he can conjure a head in his hands as well as a pumpkin and stay on and control a horse in such a manner(the horse possibly being a ghost itself), then YES, he is supernatural!!!!

Halloween 2019: My Pumpkins!

I got excited when our 90 degree Georgia heat abruptly switched over to fall weather. I got out the pumpkins, and bought one that was 50% off at Michael’s to carve and add to the group later. I try to add a new one each year. The new one last year was a teal one, however, and since I am not doing the teal pumpkin thing this year that one needs to stay inside.
Big Sam is not out this year because we really, really need to properly carve his face, but I have no tools strong enough.


Liz Vitale Art Rocks: Tumpkins!

Recently I’ve gotten into painting pet rocks again, and I will show some of the many other designs I have, but first get a load of these pumpkin characters I call Tumpkins!
And these are for sale!

Large is $6, small is $5. I will be making more!

Large Pet Rock

Large pet rock on the left, $6 plus $4 shipping


Small pet rock on the right

Small pet rock on the right, $5 plus $4 shipping


My FOUR Halloween Kittens!

A feral cat in my backyard had kittens and she brought them to my front doorstep. I caught them, then her, and all are safe. (mom just got spayed, too)
Here are the babies, who are the sweetest ones I’ve ever raised,at their first big ver appointment.
They all did great at the vet and were cuddled and squealed over by everyone. Dr. K commented that they were some of the healthiest kittens he’d ever seen and also the tubbiest.
Baba Booey and Jimmie Kate,top row
Bindi Sue and Howard on the lower row🖤

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