All My Children Breathe Fire: Cam’s 2019 Beach Trip Art Prompt

These are very quick n’ dirty pencil sketches about Cam having one last hurrah of the summer, going on a beach trip with his class at school. I had friends suggest what he should be packing.


All My Children Breathe Fire: Multiple One-Panel Cartoons!

I admit I have not updated the site in a while, as it seems like everything is going to Instagram and Facebook. But for folks who use neither or would like to see my work in a calmer, more organized fashion, I offer my site.
Here you can see my AMCBF cartoon as it has now evolved; into a one(and on occasion, two)-panel comic that is much easier to present on all types of screens and devices. The characters are more fleshed out and their appearances set. There are flashbacks of Cam as little Cammie.
Also, you can see Cam’s two best school friends here–Floyd, a large green flying dragon and Big Pink, a female Peluda(a type of hairy dragon). The three have been friends at school since they were little, and, being the largest dragons in their school, have dubbed themselves the Big Dragon Club.